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Best Essential Oils For Better Sleep

How many times have we heard the expression, “You’re just getting tired with age.” Well, I’m turning 50 this year and I’m a firm believer that aging doesn’t equal a decline in my energy level, however, I know if I don’t get enough sleep, I will inevitably be sluggish and tired and really pushing myself to get through the next day.

Sleep is so important and for me, it’s a game-changer in how I feel and function each day. One thing that really helps promote a better night’s sleep is Lavender essential oil, which can really help me relax and drift off to sleep. I love putting a few drops in my diffuser or just inhaling it right from the bottle. Its calming effects can really help me unwind and put my mind at ease, allowing me to fall asleep much easier. Along with using Lavender, I have found other sleep-inducing essential oils that have wonderful benefits as well. Here is my personal pick of the best essential oils for better sleep.

Lavender Oil

Lavender is one of the most well-known and well studied essential oils and has been shown to benefit sleep and health. The plant’s flowers, leaves, and essential oil are all used as natural medicines, but how does it assist with sleep? Lavender works as an anxiety reliever and as a sedative, which increases relaxation and calm. Scientists have even found similar types of results for lavender’s effectiveness in treating depression, which is amazing to think that something derived from a plant can have such wonderful health benefits. By diffusing the oil or putting a few drops even on a cotton ball and placing it under your pillow before you go to bed can help bring about sleep. I’ve even placed a few drops on the back of my neck and behind my ears for a restful night’s sleep. Lavender is widely recognized as a natural sleep aid and if you try it just once, you may find that you don’t want to be without it. It is my absolute favorite essential oil for its wide array of uses and benefits. Oh, and it smells amazing too!

Roman Chamomile Oil

Roman Chamomile essential oil can alleviate insomnia, reduce anxiety and tackle depression. Not only can it promote better quality sleep but it also has the potential to reduce nightmares. You can diffuse the oil in a diffuser but I have found that diffusing both Lavender and Roman Chamomile oil together is even better. The combined mix of these oil blends is perfect for sleep-inducing and stress relief. You can also massage a few drops on the bottom of your feet. Why does this work so well? Because the soles of your feet are key absorption points. Our feet are home to some of the largest pores on our body and the bottoms of our feet aren’t as sensitive as other parts of our bodies. Your feet will even smell good too. I recently heard from a woman who was new to using essential oils as she decided to try this method and found it was the most well-rested she had felt in a long time. Wow!

Just a note here that if you don’t want to apply the oil directly on your skin, you can add a few drops to your favorite lotion and apply it in the evening to help you unwind before bedtime.

Rose Oil

Rose oil is a recommended essential oil for sleep because it can help promote feelings of tranquility and security. Drawing a warm bath before bedtime with Rose essential oil can even help with insomnia. It has also been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. I love combining both Rose and Lavender oil in a warm bath. Remember the commercial for Calgon bubble bath? “Calgon, take me away.” Well, that’s how I feel about Rose essential oil. I feel like it takes me away to a beautiful rose garden. At least, that’s the lingering scent in my bathroom, even after my bath. It’s heavenly but a little goes a long way. Diffusing it is a bit overpowering for me but it is one of my favorite oils to use in my bath.

Peppermint Oil

The menthol component of peppermint can cause your muscles to relax, therefore relieving stress and anxiety, which both add up to allowing you to gain more restful sleep. Dabbing some oil underneath your pillow before bed could result in a peaceful night’s sleep. Did you know that the anti-inflammatory nature of Peppermint oil helps in clearing the airways and reduces snoring and sleep apnea symptoms? This works well when using the oil in a diffuser. (I recommend an atomizing diffuser, which in my opinion is the best diffuser for getting a lot of essential oil molecules up into the air and requires no water) Here’s another great tip if you need an energy boost during the day. Carry a bottle of Peppermint essential oil in your purse, briefcase, backpack, etc., and inhale from the bottle when needed. It’s a great energy booster!


I hope this information can prove helpful to someone who is looking for an all-natural and affordable way to get a better night’s sleep. Not only are these essential oils affordable, all-natural, and smell wonderful, but a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things needed for our body to feel its best. The benefits alone outweigh anything else I’ve tried, which includes everything from relieving stress and anxiety, relaxation, aiding in depression and insomnia, inducing deeper sleep, reducing nightmares, as well as snoring and sleep apnea symptoms.

Before purchasing any essential oils, make sure the added ingredients are safe for you and won’t cause any irritation or interaction, especially if you have sensitive skin or sensitive to certain fragrances. Consult your doctor or healthcare professional if you’re taking any medications. I only use essential oils that are tested for purity, such as Healing Natural Oils. I have used many of their oils that also target certain conditions and symptoms, which are gentle on the skin and are made right here in the USA. Click here for my personal product reviews to learn more about Healing Natural Oils.

If you have any questions about my personal picks on the best essential oils for sleep, please leave me a comment or share this with someone you know.

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