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German Chamomile Essential Oil Benefits

The most common form of Chamomile is tea that people consume to help reduce stress and anxiety and aid in sleep. Where does Chamomile come from? Chamomile is an herb that comes from the daisy-like flowers of the Asteraceae plant family. The official medicinal Chamomile is the German Chamomile Matricaria Recutita. Chamomile was revered as one of the nine sacred herbs by the Anglo-Saxons. (A cultural group who inhabited Great Britain from the 5th century)

Chamomile Oil

The Egyptians even valued the herb as a cure for malaria and dedicated Chamomile to their sun god. It was also known that Egyptian woman used crushed Chamomile on their skin because of it’s enticing fragrance. Fast forward to today’s world where we are constantly looking for the next miracle product for health and skincare. How about an all natural health and skincare product with no harsh chemicals? Even better, right? See what German Chamomile Essential Oil Benefits can do for you.

German Chamomile oil

Uses of German Chamomile Oil

German Chamomile oil is widely used in the cosmetic industry. You will find it in many perfumes, shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers and skin toners. This beneficial oil can penetrate deep into the layers of your skin and can help soothe irritation such as, bruises, burns and other skin conditions. This is an essential oil you should have on hand when needed as it acts as an anesthetic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.


Research has shown that German Chamomile can help improve digestion and help in relieving many symptoms that are associated with PMS. Even infants seem to benefit from Chamomile’s soothing actions on digestion and teething. It is also calming for the skin from ailments such as eczema flare-ups and internal infections. It’s been found to assist with wound care by reducing pain and inflammation for burns, rashes and muscles. All that from Chamomile essential oil?

Wait, there’s another fabulous benefit I didn’t want to leave out. Studies have shown that the inflammation fighting flavonids in Chamomile essential oil can penetrate deep into the inner layers of the skin to calm inflammatory proteins and fight free radicals that cause aging. Yes, aging and wrinkles!

German Chamomile Oil for Anti Aging and Eye Wrinkles

German Chamomile essential oil is a keeper in my book for the sole reason alone that it reduces puffiness around the eyes, has powerful anti-oxidant properties, soothes sensitive skin and helps smooth under eye wrinkles. In addition, it is healing and calming to the skin, it hydrates and protects, it can reduce the appearance of broken capillaries, moisturizes dry skin, contains powerful antioxidants and soothes acne, rashes and burns. I hope you see why I say it’s an essential oil must have to have on hand.


Why is German Chamomile Oil Blue?

German Chamomile is also called Blue Chamomile. Blue Chamomile’s high azulene (a nitrogenous compound) content is what gives Chamomile essential oil its rich blue tone and is highly regarded with the ability to nourish and heal a healthy defense system. The oil is produced through steam distillation of the flowering tops of the plant. They are dried before the distillation process begins. This is when the chamazulene (azulene) is produced, giving the oil its deep, rich blue color. It is among one of the gentlest essential oils and ideal for children, the elderly and people with sensitive skin. German Chamomile is what herbalists refer to as ” True Chamomile”. This oil is the best suited for skincare products.

Have achy muscles and need to relax? Try this Bath soak recipe.

Chamomile oil

Bath Soak:

2 drops German Chamomile oil

3 drops Lavender

4 drops Lemon

3 drops Rosemary

1 cup Epsom salts

Add Epsom salts, then oils to a hot bath. Soak and soothe away the day. Enjoy!

Important Note: Always test oils on a small patch of skin before applying to your entire body. Everyone is different and may have different sensitivities, so always consult with a doctor if you are new to using essential oil therapy. Do not take internally unless you are working with a qualified expert practitioner.

German Chamomile and Roman Chamomile Comparison

There are actually different varieties of Chamomile growing in the world. The two most common ones are German Chamomile and Roman Chamomile.

Chamomile Plant

German (Blue) Chamomile

Contains azulene, giving the oil its rich blue color, and has anti-inflammatory infection fighting properties. It calms the mind and body for menstrual and menopausal problems, including PMS. It nourishes dry skin and helps with irritated skin conditions like dermatitis. It assists with healing of damaged skin tissue and stimulates the liver and kidneys to aid with digestion.

Roman Chamomile

Calms irritation, anger and mood swings. Provides relief from sore muscles, headaches, arthritis and acts a sleep aid. Contains high levels of esters, is an anti-fungal and very calming.

While Roman Chamomile is great for many different uses, German Chamomile is my choice for its wide array of benefits with health and skincare.

Chamomile to heal


One of the best all natural ways to improve your health and skin is by using this secret little weapon, called German Chamomile essential oil. You can use German Chamomile oil to ease feelings of discomfort and to boost your overall health.

Ways to use German Chamomile oil:

  • Massage into skin to ease stress.
  • Apply topically to promote smooth skin and relieve irritation.
  • Massage into your gut to ease feelings of cramping and bloating.
  • Soak in a hot bath to provide relaxation to achy muscles.
  • Use in your diffuser for enhancing your mood.


Chamomile is one of the oldest, most commonly used medicinal plants in the world. Stress is a huge factor in our lives today and can bring on many symptoms such as fatigue and high blood pressure. German Chamomile oil can be very effective in calming emotions. Adding it to your diffuser blends, massage oils or baths can help with easing nerves while promoting restful sleep. It is especially useful for dry or irritated skin and nervous conditions. Those who practice Aromatherapy have a great amount of respect for its stated health benefits.

As with any essential oil, 100% pure oil is best. Many people I know have suffered from eczema and I do recommend trying a natural product like German Chamomile oil in lieu of a topical steroid or prescription with harsh side effects. There is also a wonderful, all natural essential oil blend by Healing Natural Oils called H-Eczema Formula.

See my review to read more about the relief it provides for anyone suffering from eczema or dermatitis.

If you have any questions about German Chamomile essential oil benefits, please leave a comment in the section below and we will be happy to assist you.

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