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Vida Tea 28 Day Teatox – Wellness Review

Vida Tea 28 Day Slimming Teatox

While many of us have taken the clean eating lifestyle to heart for our overall health and wellness, how many of us have taken in to account of what we drink as well? Some of us may not think of all the unwanted calories that we are drinking. If we are paying close attention to what we eat, then why not what we drink as well? Some of the listed ingredients that I see on labels nowadays are just plain scary. Have you ever tried a teatox? Detox teas are herbal teas that are used to detoxify the body and are able to rid the body of harmful substances and toxins. Many of us, including myself have used detox teas for weight loss for this reason. This is where Vida Tea 28 Day Teatox comes in.

Many people, including celebrities love detox teas for their gentle approach because it just involves adding a few herbal cups of tea to your diet (a healthy diet) instead of replacing meals entirely which makes it easy to stay on track. Even Kendell Jenner attributed her slimming figure to her love of tea that she drinks daily. Being on my quest with researching all natural products that heal and contain no harsh chemicals, it prompted me to write this review on the Vida Tea 28 Day Teatox for healing the body from the inside out. The bonus is that you can even lose weight and burn calories while you sleep.

Vida Teatox

How Vida Tea 28 Day Teatox Works

Vida Teatox Benefits:

  • Detox Your Body Of Toxins
  • Improves Circulation
  • Promotes Weight Loss
  • Suppresses Appetite
  • Rejuvenates
  • Supports Soft, Even Skin

The daytime and nighttime tea bags have hard-working herbal ingredients that offer a range of health benefits.

The daytime teatox blend includes energizing minerals, herbs and antioxidants. The ingredients combined activate your digestion and immune system.

The nighttime teatox blend is meant for relaxation. This tea works while you sleep, purifying your system of toxins and burning calories as you rest.

The daytime and nighttime blends are made to be used for 28 days which allows removal of toxins and promotes soft skin. It also aids in suppressing your appetite and cravings and can improve circulation.

My Thoughts on Vida Tea 28 Day Teatox

This tea works well because it is strong but gentle on the stomach and there’s no sensation to be constantly running to the bathroom, however you may need to urinate more frequently but I believe that is due to the body getting rid of any toxins that are present. I have tried many popular brand teatoxs and Vida Teatox is different because unlike some of the others on the market, Vida Tea contains no unnatural chemicals. Nothing but pure herbs from around the world.
This is simple to make in the morning and at night. Just place a teabag in a cup of hot water and let it steep for 4 minutes. This is important you let it steep to get all of its benefits. I love the simplicity of doing something good for myself but also losing a few unwanted pounds at the same time. Your skin will even thank you.

What Others Think About Vida Teatox

Drinking Vida 28 Day Teatox


Promotes better health and weight loss and rids the body of toxins, gives you energy and clears your skin. Contains only natural ingredients. No harmful or unnatural chemicals. Organic, Non-GMO, Kosher and Vegan.

Caffeinated daytime blend ingredients include Pu’reh Leaf, Yerba Mate, Formosa Oolong, Cinnamon, Lemongrass, Spearmint, Orange Flavor, Senna Leaf

Caffeine Free nighttime blend ingredients include Chamomile Flower, Lemon Myrtle, Senna Leaf, Goji Berries, Ginger Root, Marshmallow Root, Cinnamon Chips, Vanilla Natural Flavoring, Licorice Root, Strawberry Leaf


There is no guarantee on any kind of weight loss since everyone is different and much of this will depend on your own eating habits, therefore results will vary. If you have successful weight loss on this tea, once you stop taking it, you may gain weight back if you are not properly maintaining a healthy diet.

Where to Buy Vida Teatox

Where to Buy Vida Tea 28 Day Teatox

You can buy the Vida Tea 28 Day Teatox here. The price is $49.99. You will be taken directly to Vida Essentials website to purchase. They also have a wonderful selection of 100% all natural essential oils and blends to add to your essential oil collection.

Affiliate Disclosure: In order for me to support my blogging and social media activities, I may receive monetary compensation for links to products from this post at no additional cost to you. However, I only recommend products that I personally love and use myself.

Final Thoughts

Vida Tea 28 Day Teatox offers the benefits of sixteen antioxidants and vitamins with no synthetic or harmful additives. The ingredients come straight from nature and activate when brewed to create a powerful, detoxifying agent that’s also gentle on your body.
Sip your way to better health, clearer skin and more energy.

I am very passionate about all natural products that can benefit our health from the inside out. I found this company to be dedicated to helping others. The co-founder of Vida Essentials developed this company to promote safe and natural solutions after working as an executive for a large pharmaceutical company and she saw firsthand how mild conditions were being treated with chemicals and pills when they could have been treated naturally.

If you have any questions about Vida Tea 28 day Teatox, please leave your question below and we will be happy to assist you.

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